Thursday, June 27, 2013

30 seconds in the life of Reese

"Oh, hey Mom. No big deal, I crawled into Ellie's room and discovered this table and chairs."
"Why the concerned look? I got this covered. Guess I'll turn around now and get out"

"Mmkay just put this leg here and..."

**Bracing for impact**

"That was a horrible mistake"

"How could you?!"

                                                             (3 seconds later)

      "Did you see that landing? Nailed it... What's that over there, a stuffed monkey? Come here buddy I need you."

Monday, June 24, 2013

June 2013

Joni recently ran in the Reno/Tahoe Odyssey, a 178 mile relay race that lasted a couple of days. They had a ton of fun as you can see from the pictures, and their team placed first among women's division with about 270 teams participating.
The whole idea is to run a few miles, hand off to the next person and continue doing this 24 hours a day until the race is finished. Each girl ran 3 legs, Joni ended up running 4 because one of the girls was hurt. The first part of the race went up Donner Pass, Joni ran 8 miles entirely uphill and off-road (no pavement) climbing over 2,000 feet in elevation. You can see below how sick she was afterwards (she wouldn't even look at the camera & if you know Joni, that means she is near death), she is a least she got a bumper sticker for running that leg (leg 4)...I know all I need is a bumper sticker to motivate me to all.

The girls from Joni's van...The crazy thing to me was that they ran so much in the first place, but that they did it with little to no sleep, and also ran in the dark at 2am around Lake Tahoe. Joni forgot her headlamp so it made for an interesting 2nd leg. All in all she ran about 20 miles in 26 1/2 hours.

I'm guessing by the end they were all delirious because they put on tutu's and danced on the highway to the honks of cars passing by. I wonder where the energy comes from? Maybe she was so happy to get away...

Good job Joni!!!
A couple of weeks ago we took a much anticipated trip to Utah and Idaho, and like always we did a good job of taking pictures the first couple of days, but then we didn't do so well. We had a blast and it was so fun for the girls to see their families.


The zoo experiment...Ellie had a meltdown but eventually warmed up to the idea after some time alone in the shade with a snow cone. They had some mist machines that were the highlight as it was pretty hot. We spent the first couple of days with Joni's dad and fam in Pleasant Grove, it was Brent's 60th birthday and we came as a surprise.
We drove from there to Vernal for a couple of days. We took zero pictures in Vernal, but it was nice to relax after a busy weekend. We saw much of Joni's family there and ate out and talked a lot. After Vernal we drove to my mom's in Idaho, and Glen and Joel's families were there too. It was the first time for many to meet Reese.
That didn't make her shy about it, she was totally sucking on Erin's face for the longest time and we were all getting a kick out of watching.

We had a fun time floating down the river and feeding the fish, and enjoying the beautiful views of the Tetons. In total we drove about 2700 miles. The girls were much better than we thought they would be, and they were such troopers to be in the truck for so long.
Ellie still talks about the trip and saying how she wants to go back to grandma's house, or the hotel, or "Lick Cone's"/Nichole's house. She has special memories of each place that she will always associate certain things with. Thanks to everyone who hosted us, we wanted it to last another 2 weeks.

Ellie had her first day at preschool this week. The bus comes right up to our doorstep and an aide comes out to make sure she gets on and off safe. I have to admit it was a bit sad and emotional to watch her but she was soooo excited to get on the bus she didn't even say goodbye to us. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch her at school.

Waiting for the bus...
Summertime near Lake Tahoe means beach time! 


Monday, May 13, 2013

This past weekend Andrea came for a visit, Joni was having a tough week and it was nice of Andrea to drive over to hang out for a couple of days. We had a busy, but fun kind of busy weekend. I went golfing for a work event, then the second I got home we went to a friend's BBQ at the lake behind their house. The weather was beautiful in the morning, then got cold and gray by the time we were all half dressed and eating.

I brought a couple of kayaks from work and Ellie was so excited to ride in them. She wouldn't stop talking about it all weekend.

On the way home we made the mistake of trying to stack 2 kayaks on top of one another. It was really windy and started raining, they almost came off the car twice, finally Andrea stood in the seat holding on to them while we were driving. It was all very illegal but a nice gesture by Andrea and we made it home safe and sound...except that Andrea was frizzled and wet.
Did we mention that Reese is a scavenger and a miniature garbage disposal? She is so skinny but is wanting to eat all the time. She makes sure our floors are clean and that no crumbs go uneaten, sounds gross but we can't stop her fast enough to clean up. Ellie and Reese collaborate, Ellie opens the fridge then Reese sneaks in and starts piece of ham is safe...
After 12 years of tender loving care and memories, we sold my little Toyota truck. I had that thing before Joni and I even knew each other. I was back and forth about the idea for months and I finally decided to just see what happened if I put it on Craigslist. It sold in less than 2 hours and I was offered more than what I asked for it. It was sad, but our desire to have a second car that could take around the kids outweighed the need to keep it.

Before you go and feel sorry for me...we made up for it with an upgrade...this bad boy is ginormous and seats 6 adults comfortably. Ellie is crazy about it and she wants to just sit in daddy's new truck all the time...Joni and I are equally crazy about it. Sure is fun to drive, and I have to say every time I drive it I feel like listening to country music...where's the trailer to go on the back?

For pretty much the first time since having both girls we went out and tried to take some pictures of both of them. Here are the results...
 ...Happy Ellie...then concerned Reese

 She has more hair than this picture lets on, it's actually about an inch long but all blonde.


That flower on Reese's head grew somehow.